Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things Around My Summer Yard

One of my favorute guys- Moose Man. He is sporting the latest fly season mask.

One of his fav treats, mesquite beans.

Oops, Dreamer spilled his beans!

Jurassic Park foot prints. I did a double take when glancing down at these. Just hen foot prints under the recently watered Palo Verde tree :)

Tarantula hole/home too close to front door, right under the water faucet. See the little hairy legs? I hope I never see the rest of him! He is in a bad spot, the poodles will get him if he doesn't move away under night cover. Last year Wonky chased me with one in his mouth and yes, I out-ran him. LOL

At the backyard Mimosa tree.

Photos taken with my new Nikon CoolPix camera. It is so easy to use and pics download instantly when plugged into the laptop. (Click on any pic to enlarge).

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