Friday, April 16, 2010

No Friday Night Sew-In For Me

Too tired, sewing area is burried and I'm drugged out on hay-fever meds. I'll just share some fabric cuts, the ones below I purchased on Etsy. They total over 4 yards and only paid $11 to include shipping. Nice brand-name fabs for the spiderweb quilt I want to start some day (soon I hope?)

Below are fabrics from 1000's of Bolts Only One Nut. Camera flash kinda washed out the colors, they are much richer in person. These will make a fun kid's quilt.
That's all for this entry, I'm bone tired and off to bed.


  1. Great fabric score on Ebay!! $11 is an excellent price for all that fabric.

  2. Feel better! Wow, you scored on ebay! Great bargains for great fabrics! You are the queen of the cart (shopping queen) this week!

  3. I love all those fabrics! I'll have to start looking on Etsy for fabric. Glad you found my tutorial and hope it helps.