Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goodbye Roosters & Hen Party

Well, the roosters kinda wore out their welcome here. As much as I enjoyed them, I didn't enjoy them. Such majestic looking creatures and very interesting to watch but too agressive for me to be around. Both were over-mating the hens which means the feathers were torn off the girl's backs and the roos would not let me near "their" hens. I found families that want to have fertilized eggs and raise chicks so the roos went bye-bye today.
Now I am free-ranging the hens out front and all are used to me, so much so that some will hop onto my lap when I sit and watch. They hear the house door and come running up the drive to greet me.

The Rhode Island Reds will lay eggs in the field, some like to hide eggs.....

Some just don't care where the eggs go.

My three younger backyard girls were not welcomed by the six out front, it is hard to mix flocks, I tried. They just got pecked to the point of having bloody spots so they went back to their backyard coop for now. We plan to add on to the front coop and get the girls out of our backyard (it needs landscaping this spring).
Below is the Ameruacana (backyard girl), she lays pretty blue-green eggs.

Below are the two Buff Orpingtons (backyard girls). It was windy so they stayed inside the run. Orpingtons are very friendly and they never argue with each other. Our next flock will 'probly be just a dozen Orps. LOL


  1. Love your chickens! They certainly are friendly!

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