Friday, April 23, 2010

Dirt Bag Poodle to Charmer

Working on clipping, MouseMan aka BabaLou isn't happy.

Gave him a break and what did he do?...... Ran over to the soft dirt and rolled.

Finished despite the dirt bath, then he had a real bubble bath. Now he smells like a rose :) Look at the yellow buds getting ready to bust open.

All the roses are starting to bloom.

Below is the Tombstone Rosebush planted last year. It's a climber and now that it's getting some runners I can put a permanent trellis behind it. I will try to get a photo of it in full bloom. Not sure how the blooming will go because it snowed during the night and again this morning after 50mph winds for two days (again). I'm afraid to go look at my roses today. The photos are from a couple days ago.

BTW- I did some quilty sewing the last few days but cannot share the photos. I sewed a bunch of blocks for the May Block Party at AboutQuilting. Ah, but they are in secret hiding until the reveal on May first. Now, after having really bad hayfever I've caught the virus my DH had, still has. Now it's bronchitis so have to take lots more meds and be carefull cuz it aggravates that dang asthma. (((sigh))) Always something it seams!


  1. Jeez, you can't get well these days! Take it easy! Your puppy makes me laugh...the dirt bath.....:D

  2. Lovely roses but mostly I love Standard Poodles so you got me there. :)