Monday, April 26, 2010

Eye Spy Quilt

This one is finished and soon off to a quilter. It was nice to use up some of the swapped novelty fabrics in the old stash. I think this one will go to the childrens unit at Loma Linda Hospital in CA. That is the hospital where I was born many, many years ago. My son had a minor surgery there when he was three (has it been 29 yrs ago?). The hospital has grown in leeps and bounds.

Remembering Gibby. That little dog was a foster with us last year. He was grossly overweight and sent to us since we have two fenced acres for the poodles to run. Poor Gibs was covered with rolls of fat. Over time he did loose the weight (no extra treats and lots of exercise) then went to an older gentleman who had recently lost his wife. Perfect setting for Gibby, he really wanted to be an only dog. Happy ending for another rescue pup.


  1. Love the quilt! I know a child will appreciate that! Gibby is adorable :)

  2. LLU is a great place to donate. Some child will really appreciate your good work.