Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let's Talk About The WEATHER

Oh my, ch9 weatherman last night gave a scary report. Wed & Thurs this area will have 60mph sustained winds. Holy Cow, wind gusting will be 75 to 80 mph. I will spend the rest of today making sure there is nothing around the house that could blow away. Thank goodness DH has put hurricane strapping on all the barn beams.
Weather here can go to extreme over night. Below are pics of snow we had a couple weeks ago. It was overnight snow and gone by noon. Temps the following days were in 70's.

Front drive looking towards Ft Huachuca & mountains. Blue sky by noon.

Baby blooming apple tree (still blooming and leafing up).

Wild bird area next to desert wash (Biscuit Mountain to right in background).

Temp backyard coop.

Front yard coop.

Photos from March 21, 2010.


  1. Wow, look at those pictures! I'm not sure exactly where you are in Arizona, but there is a possibility I may be moving there in the next year or so for DH's job. I just thought it was sunny and hot all the time. I guess I'm in for some kind of shock, aren't I?

  2. Hi Deb- if you are moving close to Ft Huachuca be ready for summer rain. This area gets moisture from the gulf below and it rains way too much, almost every day here in summer. It's called the monsoon season. Huachuca is an indian name for thunder. Mountains here are Huachuca Mountains. Lots of booming thunder during storms.