Thursday, April 1, 2010

No April Fool Jokes Here

The AboutQuilting forum is talking about quilt helpers and sharing photos. Thought I would share my helpers here on my blog.
Starting with something quilty here is Linda's Quilt. This was a group effort for Linda's family. She passed away less that six months after a colon cancer diagnosis. She left a husband and two teenage girls. Each kitty block has a note written by a friend.

My first string quilt, gifted to the lady I purchased Dreamer from.

Smudgie is my most well trained inspection kitty.

Whopper just liked to stay warm. RIP Whopper

Smudgie inspects the Christmas Kitty Quilt

Norton and Smudgie liked my country kitty quilt. RIP Norton

Worn out quilt inspection kitty.

Jan Blue Kitty block swap (still a UFO) Not so fun inpecting if blocks are stuck to wall.

RIP Norton


  1. Obviously your kitties know a good thing when they see it. Those quilts are all wonderful!!

  2. Lovely quilts and gorgeous kitties. My six are all black and black and white.

  3. Wonderful quilts and cute kitties!

  4. It's called getting the KTCA seal if approval--Kitty tested, Cat approved.

  5. I love all those kitty quilts...especially the blue one! I like the idea of doing one for someone with cancer and the messages. Wonderful. I did a cat quilt years ago and would like to do another. I just bought a new cat pattern while I was in Tucson. I have a kitty that thinks my sewing room belongs to her and I sometimes have to nudge her out of my sewing chair a couple times before she gets the hint :-)