Sunday, March 28, 2010

Broody Hen & other not Quilty Stuff

It has been so windy here, days would be nice with all the sun and 68 degree temps. It's just hard enjoy outside with 30mph wind gusts. Fruit trees are blooming and a few other plants are greening up. The little pomegranite tree is sprouting leaves, it looked so dead. One of the hens has gone broody, I've put her out back to get a new outlook on life. She is so cranky now, the rooster out back stays away from her. (Both are free to roam inside the block wall). Hope she can get back to normal.
Here she is on her nest yesterday, all fluffed out and angry.

Old book, new to me. Read about this book on another blog, really like the cover quilt (it has been on my to-do list for years). Ordered from a used book dealer and here it is. I still need more of the lighter fabrics, but some day.......

Made these for my sis a couple weeks ago. She really liked them. They were fun to make, fast to finish (compared to a quilt, that's for sure) and not too futzy or fiddly to work on.

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