Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sneeking Back to Update this Neglected Blog

Ah, lots has happened the past months.  Good, bad, something awful.  But, that being said.....
Last week I finally got back to some sewing.
Pulled out the little Hello Kitty machine and some scraps.  Sewed more blocks to go with a small stack of double nine-patch blocks from a long ago swap.
 Poppet wanted to know why it's called a Hello Kitty machine, wouldn't I rather have a Hello Doggy machine?
Ha, ha.  Sure I would Poppet, if there was one.

A good start towards a top.  Borders will have some kind of applique.  I want to try my hand at applique,  fusible..... not needle turn.

Poppet stayed mooshed up next to me sleeping soundly all afternoon.
Very comforting for both of us ! 

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  1. It seems like it hasn't been an easy time for you, so I'm sad about that, but glad to see you posting - and sewing - and puppering! That last picture - of Poppet - is a hoot!