Monday, October 31, 2016



  1. It was a very lovely Halloween night here - the sky was clear and the weather was lovely - cool, but not winter coat or even heavy sweatshirt weather - I think the kids were probably fine in just their costumes with a long sleeved t-shirt under :) Last year was crazy rainy and not many kids showed up. This year was lovely, but STILL not many kids showed up. There are a couple of haunted house/extravagant display type houses a few streets over, and apparently the number of trick or treaters in that immediate area, grows every year! We have a lot of leftover candy in the front hall - I have to pack it up and send it out to the garage until the kids come for supper tomorrow. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and based on the results of my blood tests (not to mention my poor poor scales!), those goodies need to be gone sooner rather than later!

  2. Belated Happy Halloween to you too! Thanks for all the sweet comments about our Seamus! It was nice this holiday that he was well enough to enjoy the trick or treaters who came by. How are you and your furbabies? Have a wonderful week Deb! Hugs, Mickie