Monday, February 8, 2016

Uh-oh, Where Did January Go ?

The girls (Missy, Chelsea and Gypsy) had a groom visit in mid-January.  This area has been getting so much rain (and snow!), the yard stayed really muddy for days.  Kinda hard to keep this many poo-kids clean on my own.

Missy is getting over pneumonia.  We think it was aspiration pneumonia, she ingested a large rubber-band and then had a yuck fest to get it up.  Three days later she was very ill.  Photo below is after her vet visit.

No matter what, I try to keep a positive outlook. LOL Not every day (or week) is gonna be perfect. Looking forward to temps in the 70's this week, can you believe it ?


  1. The girls are looking very stylin' after their beauty shop visit :D I hope Missy continues to improve - silly girl should realize that rubber bands are about as tasty as okra - YIKES and UGGHHH! ;) Temps in the 70's would be nice - we got just above freezing today - it was lovely, LOL!

  2. They almost look like they're wearing tiaras! The little princesses.. Dogs are amazing. You just never know what they are going to do and cats are a pretty close second.