Thursday, February 11, 2016

Projects, Snakes & Puppies- Oh My !

 This pattern I just love, gonna be my next project. Dug around in my stash and pulled out suitable plaids, no fabric shopping needed.  Once started I want to get it finished.  Too many UFO's in my closet.

Found a beautiful print to use as a quilt back for a kit I have stashed.  Colors are more of a gold, camera flash washed it out.

  Weather is so warm this week, it will be nice to sit out for a little while.  I enjoy watching Moose and Dreamer munch hay.  They grab wisps of the bermuda with muscular lips, amazing how they can grasp just what they want from a hay pile. It's like a kid picking at his brussels sprouts, Moose and Dreamer would rather eat alfalfa every meal.

My peaceful scene was disrupted when I spotted a strange object next to my chair. Right under the mesquite tree that would provide shade later in the afternoon.  Ick, it was a snake, a Coach Whip !  Better than a rattler, but still a snake. Something didn't look right, I poked at him with my walking stick and realized he was dead.
  Poor DH had the task of digging out Mr. Coach Whip.  He said the snake didn't have a mark on him, perhaps he died of starvation and cold because his body was stuck tight.
There must be another entrance to that snake hole, or was it a mouse hole? Did the snake go inside and find a chamber to turn around in? Maybe he caught a mouse, ate it and was too fat to escape. Oh my goodness, so many questions about the death of a snake. (((sigh)))

Poppet is running, running. His black ears are flapping. Moose has his ears back, showing a little consternation over this flying puppy.  Dreamer is wondering when I'm going to feed him some hay.

Little Poppet is always talking to the horses.  Little does he know.... a bath and grooming session is in store for him.  Hope it's not a wrestling match. His poodle coat is still in the puppy stage, very soft, wavy with no matting.  But he will soon "blow coat" for adult hair to grow in.  I may as well clip him down before matting starts.  Plus, it's so warm now he's always panting.

No resting today, it's too hot now.  Have to wait for later when the sun crosses over and starts to tuck down behind Mustang Mountain.


  1. So glad to see everyone out and about! Gross about the snake...does make one curious as to what happened to it though. Can't wait to see your finished project. You always make the prettiest things and have the best choices of fabric!!

  2. That's a beautiful collection of plaids - nice that you didn't have to go shopping, but I bet it didn't make much of a dent in stash, hehe. That's always the way it is! That's an adorable picture of Poppet talking to ?Moose? - they look like buddies :D UGGHHHHH to the snake - I don't wish them ill - I just wish them somewhere else ;)

  3. We've had some of that glorious weather, too. It was close to hot today! Somehow winter just skipped us totally. I don't mind really. Except for the increase in insects we'll probably have. ;( Thank you for sharing your fur babies' antics! I always love to see them.

  4. I like snakes, but I don't think I'd want one that size sneaking up on me while I was out sunning! The dogs and horses are beautiful as is your writing. I hope you are doing something special with your writing talent as well as your quilting. You clearly have a gift for it.

    Oh, and that toile is gorgeous! Love the birds.