Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What a Mess

What a mess it was.   My big sewing table was buried, I cleaned it up (took a week) but  it quickly started to become piled up again.  Here it is after going thru some cut and partially sewn tote bag pieces and parts.  At least (yay) the sewing machine is plugged in and ready to use.

My next big project: I'm de-constructing shirts to sew into a memory quilt for a friend. Finally picked out the perfect pattern, it will have some applique along with patchwork. I'll share photos once the work is further along. 
Gypsy and Chelsea at groomers last week.  They are the best ones to send, I keep the others cleaned up myself (so far it's going well).

Over the weekend Chelsea came down with a nasty gastric upset.  Luckily she was able to be seen at  the pet clinic early Monday.  Dr. T quickly diagnosed the problem and we were sent home with medications and fluids to be given sub-q.
Chel is better this afternoon, her appetite is already back, no shivers from the fever and so far no gut upset.  She is being well babied, sleeping on the guest bed for now.

Poppet is growing so fast.  He's discovered the horses and enjoys watching them.
Looks like a matching pair there.

A windy day, more so as the shadows grow longer.
Poppet, Ruby & Monster looking for the rabbit that got away (again).

Weather is changing quickly here today, cold air is moving in on a gusty wind.  Our high desert could experience a freeze tonight.  It's definitely soup weather and time to put an extra blanket on the bed.


  1. My cutting table always looks like a hurricane has just rolled through - I don't think it's been cleaned off in YEARS :D My sewing table is smaller and usually holds 2 machines, but one of them is in for servicing so I'm down to one - the table has been slowly filling up with "must have this nearby" items - I usually have to push things aside to have room to sew :D I don't think there's a perfect set-up that works all the time for everyone - I think our sewing tables are always going to be in "change" :D

    Nice pics of the puppers and horses - Poppet looks like Ruby and Monster had a good night one night, lol!

  2. If your sewing machine is plugged in and ready to go then your'e golden.:)

  3. My whole sewing room looks like a hurricane hit it and I need to get up there this weekend and organize! The puppies are so adorable! Seamus is always foiled by rascally rabbits and cunning squirrels! Have fun sewing! Hugs, Mickie