Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Problem Fixed

A few days ago I ordered the Daily Deal from Missouri Star Quilt Company. This empty, torn and re-taped envelope was all I received.  Stamped on envelope was  "received unsealed, damaged, without contents".   Ugh, I just wanted to cry.   So, first thing this morning I called. The item will be replaced!  *:) happy
I sure like the Missouri Star Quilt Company.   Here is a LINK to their blog, the main page was down this morning.  Below is my lost Jelly Roll that will be replaced.    
 I'll be using a light grey TOT as background fabric. Have not yet decided on a pattern but I do have a person in mind to make this for.  Gotta get busy and start back to sewing. Just have not felt like it lately.

See that Monster Poodle relaxing on my sofa?  Guess I will have to sedate him for clipping after all.  Those feet and his belly still need a buzz-off but he was just too hyper the last try. It's supposed to be warmer this week so we can pull the table out of a cold garage to sunny area of carport.

Happy to report that Mr. Pibbs has not needed an insulin injection for six weeks now.  Somehow, all on its own  his pancreas started producing the insulin his body needs. I told the vet and she just quipped, "See? I cured him".  (Ya well,  with all of the owners hard work). LOL  That was a scary time !!!
DH and I are relieved that we no longer have to needle-stick Pibbs' ear to check blood glucose level.  We will be able to tell when Pibbs is a bit "off" and do checks then boost his insulin need.  So far, so good.  *#:-S whew!


  1. I know that feeling! I got a horribly mangled package from a fabric store last year, and panic set in! Oddly there was not so much as a mark on the fabric inside. Fortunately, the material had been placed in a plastic bag which survived quite nicely.

    With the ridiculous stash I have, why the first sight of that package bothered me so much is a mystery!

  2. How sad to get an empty package. Glad it will be replaced. I wonder what happened to it. Your pets are so lucky to live with you. I have been saving and spending my money on things other than fabric and I think I am starting to go through new fabric withdrawal. I will have to buy some more soon.

  3. Yeh Mr. Pibs!!! That is awesome news! Missouri star Rocks! Will definately shop with them since they provided you such good service!
    Have fun with that clipping :( Better you than me :) Hugs, Mickie

  4. So good that they are replacing the jelly roll for you..... the dogs look very contented.... glad to hear Pibs is doing so well.

  5. I'm glad the company is replacing your fabric --- that's good customer service! Yesterday I got a package of fabric from an Etsy seller (who also has a brick and mortar store) and in addition to the fabric I ordered, she added as a gift, 3 pieces of co-ordinating prints!! I was some impressed! I told her that to pass on the act of kindness I'd make a dolly and dolly quilt for the counselling centre :)

    Oh Mr. Pibbs, you lucky boy, no more insulin (unless you need it, I would guess) --- YAY!! You're a very lucky boy to have a family who takes such good care of you!!

  6. Oh, what wonderful news! I am so glad Mr. Pibbs will not need to stuck all the time now. Yippee! And another yippee for replaced goods. I so appreciate merchants who take care of their customers.

  7. That is great news about Mr Pibbs and about your fabric being replaced! The quilt will be beautiful regardless of the pattern with that pretty fabric.