Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stars for Aug & Sept

 Here are my stars for Aug & Sept.  Last week I lucked out and found another small baggie full of scraps for more star parts.  Love the golds and yellows,  they will give the finished quilt a warm look.   I sat with cutting board on my lap to cut different fabrics while watching tv.  It was slow work but I did get lots cut.  The background fabric is a gold glittered muslin but glitter doesn't show up in photos.   
We are supposed to sew two blocks per month but I may try for three.  Since I used the "waste method" for star points the "waste pieces"  will go into scrappy borders (maybe).  Have to think about how I want to use them up.

Gosh, I should have been showing pics of the growing chicks.  They went from little fuzzballs to this.   We moved them into the smaller coop a few weeks ago.
   Total of six,  some took after momma, some after their daddy.  (DH says one took after the milkman or was it the mailman?).
 Amazing that none are looking or acting like roosters.  Especially that one larger white chick that was being so pushy.  Anyways, none have crowed and a rooster chick should have by now (I think-LOL).

This part of today's journal..... is crappy.  I want to keep my journal light and happy, lots of  "fun stuff" to share and remember.  But, then there's reality, so here it is.  My doc said I have reached a "plateau" as far as how the fibromyalgia nerve pain will be.  My body cannot tolerate more drugs. She said I may never be able to ride my horses again (I do want so bad to prove her wrong on that).  I must reach an acceptance of what I cannot and can do.
That's it in a nutshell.
So, anyways.............. :-? thinking


  1. I do love your scrappy stars and I think I will have to make some.... I just need to decide on a background.... how cute are your chicks... I especially like the little white fluffy ones.... I am sorry about your health issues.. think you have hit the nail on the head - we do have to come to accepting what we can and cannot do but that is easier said than done isn't it....

  2. That is crappy. And I'm sorry. I hate giving up or admitting that there is anything I can't do. I pray you have wisdom for where to draw the line.

  3. Your star blocks look great! And I love those chicks!

  4. I love your star blocks, girl!! And those chickens are too cute for words---would LOVE to have some chicks and horses too. :) I empathize with you where the fibromyalgia is concerned, having been dealing with that for years myself. I do hope you can continue to ride.

  5. Your star blocks are beautiful! The colors are perfect!
    I do hope you prove your doctor wrong. It happens all the time and I don't see why it can't happen for you!