Saturday, September 15, 2012

Homespun House Blocks

Today we all share house #6 but I shared my sixth block last month.  I was having so much fun sewing these blocks I got ahead.  Here is construction of my next two. Um, there seems to be missing pieces.  I need to make  notes and be more careful when putting my BOM fabrics away.   
Once again no doors or windows so boring, huh?  Oh well you may see other quilters progress by going to this  blog . She has links and also a photo of a beautiful finished quilt her friend made. **************************************************************

DH is making life easier here.  He replaced the Bravos with a stacked washer/dryer set, red of all colors (but I love it). The Bravos was literally a pain in the neck to me.
The Bravos would only fill with a few inches of water and then barely move the tub left and right to wash.  It did spin and spray water over the clothing but with no true agitation  everything was coming out dingy.  It would constantly unbalance and shut off (because of no center post?).  I would have to wait until DH was home from work so he could untangle and try to distribute heavy wet clothing evenly in washer tub.  The new LG front load has made doing laundry so much easier and clothing is coming out so clean.  *S*
Never thought I would be so happy and excited over a washing machine.  LOL


  1. Your houses really ARE under construction. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who loses pieces!

  2. love the houses... I definitely want to do a house quilt... the red machines are fantastic.... makes laundry so much more fun to have pretty machines.... I also use a front loader...

  3. Love your houses! Mine have windows and doors, but I only have four finished!