Monday, November 14, 2011

Tuesday Treasure

A hand made gift from my dear sister last October 2002. I know the date because attached to the back is a nice hand written note she sent with it. Dear sister used saved fabrics our mom kept in a trunk. Lots of old pieces from dressmaking and crafting. Our mom was an artist of sorts. I just love this little wall-hanger, it lives in my kitchen.

November 15th already, half of a month gone! Where did the fifteen days go?
More finished blocks. These will give the quilt a really scrappy look. I had to stop sewing with those fall colors. LOL The tan looking block is actually a very soft green.I'm short two blocks to cut with a total of five to sew. Ah, this went too fast!
When finished I'm thinking this quilt would look nice hanging in the front guest room. The queen size bed is against a blank wall, perfect display spot.


  1. The wall hanger is a real treasure. Love the new churndash blocks.

  2. I absolutely love your wall hanger for your sister.. it is very special...

  3. such a happy wallhanging.. not surprised you love it...
    I still love the churndash blocks...