Friday, November 11, 2011

Freedom is never free. ~Author Unknown

Could not let this day go by without a thank you to America's Vets. In honor of those who deserve our thanks- thank you !
While watching events on tv this morning I sewed a Patriotic block to go with my other churn dash blocks.
I usually fit a patriotic fabric or block somewhere into each of my scrap quilts.

Searching for a scrap of fabric for todays block, look what I found- extra swapped blocks. These are from a patriotic snowball block swap several years ago. Two quilts were produced from that swap, one for my son and one for my sister's hubby. I've been collecting patriotic fabrics for years and will sew more snowball blocks for QOV quilts.

Yesterday I spent time clipping Matilda. Her face is done, also her tail and some tummy hair. Started on her feet but she became very upset. (This is the rescue girl that hates to be touched).I gently held Mattie's foot until she stopped struggling and then put it down to end on a good point. We can clip more later.


  1. I love your Churn Dash blocks AND the patriotic Snowball blocks. I've just started pulling fabrics to cut a Churn Dash for me. Neither of my pups will cooperate when it comes to their feet. I've been able to trim the nails of other furbabies but not these two. They have to go to the vet for that. :/

  2. Mattie may not like to be groomed, but she looks very Poodly-cute.

  3. Wonderful looking blocks; love them!
    Mattie is adorable and I love her collar!

    Brandon's Raiser

  4. Your animals are so well looked after.. Just been reading all your posts.. loving all your churndash blocks.. happy sewing..

  5. Your churn dash is so pretty and really like the patriotic snowballs. Many years ago I had a large poodle rescued from the pound. He went into severe depression every time we clipped his "mane"...
    best, nadia