Monday, October 3, 2011

How the Garden Grows- Chickens Too :)

Morning sun coming around on garden box. Lots of weekend rain, the air is heavy with moisture.Hens are keeping hoppers to a minimum. We haven't needed to use bug spray.

Peas, cukes and midget tomato plants.
.No longer am I able to step into the garden.

Surprised at how fast the squash seeds turned into giants.
There are already tiny "squashies" at base of plants.

Chicken morning. Feed is kept locked up at night to discourage mice. The girls are ravenous when let out from coop.I enjoy sitting for a bit and watching them.

Bantam kids all grown up.So happy all are friendly to me, I can pet and pick them up.

Full size Speckled Sussex hen sleeps and roams with bantams. They are kind to her, unlike the other full size hens. She moulted and finally got her spots.

Sadly this Silky & Sussex cross is a roo. Caught him mating with frizzled hen. He will have to go out back with other bachelor roos. Too bad, he was friendly and curious, I was enjoying him very much.
That's life with chickens.


  1. Poor little guys. Forced celibacy with all those chicks around.

  2. I love how you have had to protect your vegetables.....

  3. Your gardens are flourishing and mine are being clened out and put to bed for the winter. I could sit and watch my chickens all day, I find them to be so fasinating. Chicken watching beats anything that is on the telly! Greeting from Maine, Julie.