Thursday, February 24, 2011

Working on Jars

New header- Smudgie inspecting my string quilt while marking borders for quilting. This was at our house in town, Smudgie was four yrs then, now she's an older kitty at age nine. Smudgie was found dumped with her momma and litter of five at a stable in Florida. Momma cat was killed before the box of kittens was found. All the kittens survived by being bottle fed.
She sneaks into den if door is left open, loves the computer chair.
AboutQuilting has a jar swap going on. I need to get working on my blocks. Last day to mail is Feb. 28th. This is my test block, I will sew five more to have a set of six for swapping. We decided to leave the bottom strip off the jar so they could be sitting on a shelf instead of floating.
Below photo- my other jar fabrics. Pickled eggs, corn, peppers and colorful candies. Maybe won't use peppers cuz someone else made pepper jars. We are swapping in sets of six so if I swap butterflys and three more sets there will be plenty of jars for a cute wall hanging. Wasn't gonna swap this year but cannot resist jars and novelty fabrics.



  1. Smudgie is just adorable!
    I'm sighing with you, I too love the jar blocks and novelty fabrics...perfect for swapping.
    Can't wait to see what ya' get.

  2. The jars idea is great... and Smudgie looks so comfortable..

  3. I love the header photo. Smudgie is very sweet. I wondered what people did with those novelty prints. The jars are a good idea.

  4. Pretty kitties... I love all your fabric so pretty!

  5. Aww, love the new header!
    The fabric is awesome :)

    Rudy's Raiser