Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Header Photo

That is a Dec 2003 photo of Jazzlers Magestic Macho Man and Simon. (We lost Macho a few years ago. He developed a spinal problem and in the end could not get up to achieve his daily functioning). I aquired Macho from a Florida breeder, she had retired him from stud at age seven. Macho was a wonderful poodle boy, he breezed thru training with me to win his Canine Good Citizen certification. After that we visited nursing homes in the Ft Walton Beach area until moving to AZ.
Macho and Simon enjoying the covered patio at our house in town. Simon came to us thru a Yahoo rescue site several years ago. He was a mess coming from abuse and neglect. He learned to be a normal poodle boy from watching our interaction with Macho. Simon is in his golden years now, his eyesight is fading and he also seems close to stone deaf. But he gets around fine and acts happy.
Sure miss that delightful Macho Man!

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  1. So good that they come and live with you so happily and loved..... I think the Christmas header is fantastic - the dogs look so cute next to Christmas coloured cats....