Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lifes Ups & Downs

On the upside I have started on the second retirement gift quilt. Hope to finish and mail to the LAQ by Friday. We decided on a leaf panto, it will be perfect for this one. Such beautiful fabrics I am in love with. I may have enough left to make a second smaller quilt to keep. Just have to order the central panel.

Below are the border fabrics. Lovely on their own, they will surround the panel as border strips. An easy quilt, no blocks to piece.

On the downside..... yesterday I lost one of my beautiful Partridge Rock pullets. We raised two and now they were about old enough to start producing eggs. One girl was keeping to herself on Sunday. Monday morning she was sitting with humped back, eyes closed. I thought maybe she was trying to lay her first egg so sat her in a nest box. Checked an hour later and she was upside down, dead in the box! I'm thinking maybe she had a stuck egg, that has happened before to the Wyandotte. I syringed baby oil in the Dotte's vent and she was able to pass the egg. The death of my partridge Rock is devastating. It happened so fast. My heart aches for that young hen.
Photo below from August, all were just feathered chicks and doing so well.

Life goes on, today MouseMan gets his monthly Percortin injection (for the Addisons disease). Vet says Mouse is doing well, no med adjustments have been needed so far.
Little guy is stinky so he gets a bath now plus a quick face and feet trim.

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