Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

Finally able to post my photos. Below is the start, had to use lots of starch on border strips. The fabric seemed very wimpy after I had worked with starched flannel-LOL.
Lots of pins and slow sewing.Finally put green border on Saturday morningWasn't sure if I would get to sew on Friday. Most of time was really spent cutting borders. Last week was not a good week because of fibromyalgia flare. Flares make me feel so angry (and helpless). I was barely able to keep up with every day activities. No idea what causes flares. Sleep is about the only remedy. But the quilt has a deadline, must mail to quilter on Monday. So, I'll put the last border on tonight and piece the backing Sunday.
We did go into town for some dinner tonight, a nice break for me. It was awful windy today, spoiled the nice 70 degree weather. Sunday it drops ten degrees and will be cold into next week.
Chelsea went to groomer on Friday, will post photos later.

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  1. I have been checking out your posts since I have not been to your blog before. Thanks for coming to mine for a visit.
    Your dogs are great. My brother in law had a standard poodle many years ago. She was beautiful.
    Some great quilting projects going on too.
    Merry Christmas!