Saturday, October 2, 2010

Summers End Garden

Howdy-doody silky roo was just a babe this past spring. I thought he was a bantam size guy.

Trumpet vine grew like crazy. Prolific blooms.
Humming birds were crazy for these!

Pomegranate tree planted in spring this year. Even after high winds the little fruits were still stuck to its branches.

Pomegranate tree is now covered with almost ripe fruit. Their juice is so sweet, I will have to see about a juicer machine. The bottled from store tastes awfull to me.

Coleus plants this spring. They did not have the kind I bought last year. These looked kinda scrawny. (Plants in small white pots).
They did pretty well considering I kinda neglected to pot them up for several weeks. Coleus does well on side patio with only an hour of direct late afternoon sun.

Lantana came back from last year. You can still see the tiny evergreen trees and ceramic deer.
I started feeding a blooming plant food.......

Chickens were trampling Lantana so I put the crate fencing around. Goodness, it grew so fast and right thru the fencing!

Summers end Lantana.
Guess next time I plant, spacing will be further apart :) Will remove fencing once the lantana freezes back in Dec or Jan.
Beautiful sunset with so much moisture in air.
As summer fades the air dries up and sunset is not as fantastic. LOL That's ok cuz we are ready for the end of hot days. A tiny bit of fall this morning, it was almost nippy at 6am. But temps will still hover near 90 by afternoon..


  1. Yeh I love the garden but I'm ready for a rest. Our cleanup also entails raking the ton of leaves that blow here. Is the Pomengranite evergreen or do the leaves fall? Have a great day!

  2. Lovely to see the garden - the sunset is so beautiful and I just love pomegranates - I must try growing one.....

  3. Beautiful Sunset... I want to plant a Trumpet vine too. I see them growing wild all over. I love watching the hummingbirds.