Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Runner & Breezy Horse Day

Fall runner is sandwiched, just need to baste and get to quilting.

Decided to switch out the cotton batting for a poly. Did not want the whole thing to shrink up and get all poofy.
This project has taken too long, should have finished it last week.

Sunday was breezy but very warm. Geldings were let out front to eat grass and (hopefully) some weeds. Horses are very curious animals and it did not take them long to slip thru the open gate into patio area at house front.

We kept a close eye so they did not get a chance to eat any planted bushes or potted plants.

Neither seemed interested in anything but grass and weeds.

Dreamer decided to try the convenience of birdbath water. Moose joined him but I was inside without camera.
Hope to have that fall table runner finished by Sunday night.

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