Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Starting New Quilt Project

My DH has asked me to make a quilt for a friend who is retiring. Needed something great but quick and found Troy Fabrics "Tracks Along the Trail". I purchased a kit on line and below are the fabrics for some bear paw blocks, borders and the central panel. Directions are sketchy at best (to me) and it has taken a while to understand how to cut and construct this top. (((sigh))) Will sew a test block tonight before cutting these warm woodsy fabrics.

Center panel.
More girls from out back moved to front. They stayed cooped for a week so the others could get to know them. It worked, just a couple little spats and they are all free ranging quietly now.

Needed a quick egg laying nest for the girls. Brought home an extra large kitty litter box. Stuffed it full with hay and wood shavings. With-in an hour there were four eggs! LOL they love the litter/nest box. It's a keeper for them.Tonight we move the last two hens from back to out front. The sick roos are so much better thanks to the tylan injections. When they have no symptoms I'll put them out back where it will be only roosters. Do not want my laying hens with the roos that were sick in case the roos are carries of the illness. State inspector did come by to test the sick roos and now I'm waiting for results.


  1. Lovely fabrics - you will enjoy playing with those.... hope chooks will be fine....

  2. I love your nesting box/cat box lolol!! You're making me miss my chickens :)

  3. Love the kitty litter next box :)