Friday, October 22, 2010

Busy With Sick Roosters!

My sleepy crew in front coop.
Just last week all the little bantam kids seemed ok. Corky, Boo, Frizzle girl and big cochins in this photo.
Now the two colorful dutch roosters are very sick with an upper resp infection, weezing, sneezing and coughing. I think it is MG and have asked for a state inspector to come test them. Both are being treated with a daily injection of Tylan, they are living in the master bath for now since it has become colder at night.
Corky's eye is puffy and draining.
Hopefully none of my other chickens will get sick. I think the two roos were sold to me after being exposed to MG.
Boo's chest is very conjested. His breathing sounds like a purring kitty.Both roos have mugs of water fortified with poultry vitamins and get extra treats of meal worms and pomegranate seeds. At least Corky and Boo still have good appetites.

On a quilty note-
These are some of the churn dash blocks I won from the AboutQuilting Block Party Lotto. I'll be sashing and bordering them with cream strips.

These were a tad off from the muted colors but none the less lovely. I'll whip up a few more blocks using clear and pastel fabrics (when time allows?) and have a nice throw sized snuggle quilt. Churn dash is about my most favorite block.

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  1. Sorry to hear your birds are sick! Hope they make a full recovery.