Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rooster Stuff Today

My heart jumped into my mouth this morning when I saw Elvis smooshed into dirt.

It's alive! Just dirt bathing.
Dirt scratching, must cover self with dirt.

Not cute and feathery...... This guy was on garage ceiling, his buddy was on a wall. Gives me shivers! (click on photo, you can see his eyes shine in camera flash).

It isn't safe to go out the front door cuz of Mrs Tarantula. Now it isn't safe to go into garage! That leaves side patio and back patio doors. Hope I don't see any spiders there or I'll be stuck in the house until a Dec freeze!


  1. Aah man......... I just do not like spiders - and those eyes!!! If I'd seen Elvis like that I would have thought the tarantula got him!!!
    aahehehe - (shivers down my spine!)

  2. I just popped by to thank you for your visit to Mucky Boots! But if I'd known there would be pictures of spiders I might have visited another day, because I really, really hate spiders... The ones we have up here are tiny compared to yours - how can you stand it?! What do your dogs do with them - eat them or leave them alone? Ick!