Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally...... Fall

Fall has finally come to our part of AZ. Temps for a week have not been over 85 and nights are in the 50's.
Would love to hang some fall quilts in my home but.....ugh- none are finished! Pic is bunch of Lotto blocks in fall color theme (need to finish!).

Below is gate from our housing area to highway. (Yes, that is a palm tree in the distance).LOLRight turn = Tombstone or Ft Huachuca, left turn = Sonoita with a choice of Tucson or Mexico beyond.

Not many trees here to turn fall colors. You can tell the season mostly by the grasses and vibrant mustard colored wilflowers covering the valley. Photo below is foothills above my house, Huachuca Mountains in distance.

We drove to Patagonia on Saturday, this is backside of Mustang Mountain. The area is more grassland, lots of cattle graze in summer.

Upon our return from a two hour trip........... we found this.
Poodles had a ball with bag of stolen carmel corn (I left on dining table). Sometimes I wish we had a nanny cam!


  1. Your quilt will be simply beautiful when it is finished! I love the colors you have chosen. Your part of the country is very different from mine, but still pretty. I don't know how I would feel without seeing the leaves changing colors though! No one can resist caramel popcorn...looks tasty, even if it is on the floor :)

  2. The quilt blocks are great and I love the pictures of outside - to me it is just like what we see in the movies! I'm sure John Wayne must've been by Mustang Mountain??
    Naughty poodles!! A nanny cam wouldv've been great!