Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Friday Night Sew-In was a bust. Worked on sandwiching, changed mind twice over using poly or cotton batting. Finally chose poly so the runner wouldn't crinkle up when washed and dried. Used June Taylor sticky spray and was surprised at how well it holds on poly. The bust came when I could not find the stipple stitch card for quilting. I agonized over how to quilt and finally decided on the Vikings stipple. Searched for a long time but cannot find that stipple card. But I did find some other interesting forgotten and lost items.
Pulled fabrics for this scarecrow several months ago then lost the magazine. Found magazine last night but now cannot find the fabrics. (((sigh))) Would love to start him but have a couple other projects coming up.
Searching for fabrics and stipple card I ran across these holiday fabric stars from a swap. There's a total of 16 stars, I had forgotten they were stashed. Have to move stars to back burner, maybe top them next year.
Beautiful moth at front door this morning.
Stick bug on driveway last night. No idea how seven poodles did not trample him. Found him clinging to garage wall this morning.
I think the rain is keeping the creepy crawlies around. Usually less insects when the humidity drys up.
Day temps are still in mid 80's. Chickens like the moisture. The ground stays soft for scratching and bathing.

All the front yard cochin cross bantams are getting along out back now :)They are too small to mate hens so no fighting about that! Ha, ha.

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  1. Great photos! I'm also misplacing things, I think it is middle leaning to senior age here...or maybe it is the sign that we are truly creative people :) that's my story and I"m sticking to it! LOL!