Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

First I must share a great ebay find. 3+ yards of Leslie Beck fabric for $6 including S&H. Too cute to cut up so maybe add a simple border and quilt along the squares and rectangles. Use as table topper to start the look of fall at my house.

Friday night sew-in tonight. I signed up feeling very determined to quilt the pumpkin table runner.

Below is a good reason to never walk barefoot inside or outside. Baby scorpion on hall floor, third one this week.

Creepy crawlers are looking for places to stay warm now the fall weather is here.


  1. The fabric is really cute..... are those scorpions poisonous - I know some are deadly!

  2. Oh I hate scorpions. At our little hunting cabin that was the first critter that I saw before we fixed it up. Thank goodness I haven't saw one since. I love the fabric that you bought on ebay. I bought a huge panel big enough for a king size bed for 17.99 (deer fabric) to make a quilt. I don't even think I will cut it up. I think I will just sandwich together and quilt. One day!!!!

  3. Wow, I get wind scorpions but not real ones. I would be afraid to be barefoot at night. Thanks for your comment on my crows. I wanted to tell you that I use a scroll saw which is easy like a sewing machine. It has a tiny little blade. I would be afraid to use anything bigger, being a huge chicken of power tools. :)
    This was the first Friday that I didn't take part in a Friday night sew in. I really missed it. :)