Friday, September 24, 2010

New Roos and Runner Project

My table runner pieces are cut, next step is to iron down the leaves and vines. I did use a fusible web and will button hole stitch edges.

Two new roos from a teen-age breeder in Tucson. She has many bantam breeds, it was a treat to see so many in "real life". I chose two very pretty young roosters.
This fellow is a Mille Fleur(color name) booted D'uccle (do-clay). Bantam size, very busy and friendly breed. As soon as he was let loose he was running all around to greet the other chickens. "Corky" quilckly learned that most all the other chickens did not want to be friends right away, especially the laying hens. After two weeks he is palling around with the others but does keep a bit of distance.

Will have to get a better photo of the Blue Splash D'uccle. I call him "Boo" because he has a great deal of white feathering. He has heavy feathered feet (called boots), they look huge and he is always tripping over his own feathers. Boo is a bit shyer. He stays close to the smaller coop and runs inside if he feels threatened.

So far all the roosters are getting along well enough to free range. By winter we will have a bachelor pen for them, must protect the one lone bantam hen. Maybe next spring I can find a few more bantam hens to be with her.


  1. I like the runner project and hope you show it completed!

  2. The runner is great! Love those roosters :)