Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pumpkin Table Runner Progress

Fusing is finished.

I love these fat pumpkins.

Thank you for encouragment from followers comments. It keeps me working on my project.

Auditioning border fabrics. Decided on darker brown that was used for vines. Tonight the borders will go on.

Wonky had some fun. That poor ball has been unstuffed by Wonks and restuffed by me many times.

Hard work deserves a nap!


  1. The table runner is looking good - I like the colours you are putting together.... funny Wonky - my dog goes through tennis balls!

  2. I love the runner, the border is perfect! Really brings your eye in! Laughed at Wonky's ball--our Teddy guts all the toys :( I can't keep em stuffed anymore!

  3. Wire hangers for quilts...there is an assortment you can order online at
    Our local fabric store carries them but I see there are a lot available online :)
    Hope that helps~!