Sunday, August 1, 2010

Too Much Rain !

SE AZ Monsoon is in full swing, more than any of the eight summers we've been in AZ. This week it has poured for hours (daily) and the wash has been flowing almost non-stop. We had swales cut up above and below the barn to divert water into the big wash. But still, the horse lane and backyard get a huge flow.

Soggy potted plants at side porch. But at least I haven't had to drag the hose to water all week because of heavy rains.

Waters flow down the horse lane and lap at the Figgy trees.

Above photo- Water flowing from back to converge with horse lane water. That water flows down the lane until it runs under fence and down the wash cliffs. I bet that makes a pretty waterfall!

Above photo- Our house sits on top of high wash cliffs. The wash is not naturally wide, it was mined for gravel many years ago.
We drove over to see the wash crossing, below photo is entry water.

Water shoots thru four huge pipes onto our land.

Above photo- Water floods a few acres of our property then zooms down stream to join the Babacomari River (usually dry).
I should not complain about the rain. It replenishes our well water and fills the aquafer for entire valley.

On a quilty note-
Finally have borders on my BowTie top. Blocks are the last of about 100 I swapped a few years ago.

I will 'probly keep this one at home since some of the fabrics were kinda iffy thin. Would hate to gift it and have the quilt fade or worse- shred. It's always best to swap good quality fabrics, I'd hate for a fabric I swapped to ruin someone's quilt!

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  1. Yikes about all that water!
    LOVE the bow tie quilt, one of my favorite blocks.