Friday, June 18, 2010

In Memory of Dottie

We called both Wyandottes Dottie cuz they were so identical.

We lost one of our Golden Laced Wyandotte hens. DH and I got our wires crossed about the hens free ranging and our poodle-kids were let out. By the time we realised the mistake, well lets just say it was devastation. Dogs will be dogs, even well-behaved poodle dogs. One Wyandotte hen was dead, the other was mauled along with a Black Australorp. Somehow the Rhode Island Reds were spared along with the second Lorp and new Silky rooster. The dead Dottie hen didn't have a mark on her, the other two had bite marks and lots of missing feathers. I hosed off the two hurt hens and layed them on a pile of hay. They looked really bad, like close to death. Long story short, both are alive and almost ready to try back with their flock. I found info on fixing hurt chickens at the BackYard Chicken forum. Washed both hens in iodine tea and dilute hydrogen peroxide. Sprayed on a purple antibiotic that would dry-seal wounds. All this happened about two weeks ago, I'm just now able to write about it since the two hens are doing so well.
After all that happened we are fencing a free range area around the coop. A new coop addition is under construction, should finish Saturday. Then new fencing goes up and backyard hens move out front.
Below is Elvis (named by DH), his first day out free, he was running and hiding best he could.

Neither Silky roo is people agressive. At first both acted wild but now follow me around. We always have to laugh when they crow, it is a funny wind-up toy sound.

Elvis was chased by the hens for a few days. Then he decided to man-up and take a place in the flock.
Dottie chasing Elvis, get outta my yard!

Not a lot of sewing happening, what I have worked on cannot be shown until the next BlockParty is posted. But I'll end with a quilty note showing some jar blocks from swapping with the AboutQuilting ladies (in 2009).

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