Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Chelsea

This is Chelsea, she was not quite a year old in these photos. Chel came from a breeder in Phoenix. Word got out that we had lost Macho, our apricot SP and the breeder offered me her last pup. We made a donation to the AZ Poodle Rescue for her. Chelsea has been a joy! DH was skeptical of a 9wk pup coming home but I dropped her on his lap when coming in the door from Phx. His first words were, "Oh, she is just a doll"! She is his girl now, she dotes on him.
Chel is very kind, she plays gentle with the mini and never picks on the other six in a mean way. Chelsea has grown up to be a hunter (huntress?), she loves to chase rabbits. Yesterday while feeding horses I watched as she sniffed out a covey of quail. She actually stretched out and "pointed" as they flew up into the air.