Thursday, January 7, 2010

Been Missing- Computer Woes :(

The old laptop gave up so here I am, back on a new Dell Wide screen.  Happy me!

Photo's are a string quilt made a while back.  They are fun no brainer blocks to make and not too hard to assemble into a top. I had fun figuring a quilting design, sorry it does not show.

The other photo is Smudgie and Norty on a kitty quilt  (pinning to ready for quilting).  Norty was lost when we moved to the new house.  He was always trying to get out the door and one day he did.  Coyote's down in the wash got him before we cound run after and get poor Norty.  Living here sometimes reminds us of the harsh realities of living "out of town".  Coyote songs at night used to be novel, now I dislike the sneaky coyotee.