Friday, December 25, 2009

Chicken Info and Mundane Chores

Ok, it's not so easy to post on the blog real often, at least not lately. But, that said..... here are some chicken pics. The first egg from the summer chicks, now there are six in the fridge waiting to be omletized.

Other photos from last week beforeit turned cold and snowed. Temps are around 30 at night so the horses stay in barn stalls/paddocks at night. This ceates a lot of manure to clean up. The ATV pulls our "Newr Spreader" and the ground up manure is spread (for now) in the round pen. The ground is hard so this keeps horse feet from becoming sore and bruised when lunging them. As old as Moose is (17) he still needs a few turns around the pen to get the fizz out before a ride.