Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finished Room

Finally. Ready for inspection on Monday.  Already in use, just ironing so far. Cannot fill up the room yet, Have to put the quilting frame and machine in first. DH doesn't want a lot of stuff in the way.  I can understand that   ;-)
 It's hard to wait, we won't move anything until next week end. I may sneak the folding cutting table in so I can get caught up on my two sew-along quilt projects (both need cutting).

I've been admiring Spider Web quilts on other Blogs.  Found this grey fabric to use with bright strings (Fat Quarter Shop). It has tiny spiders and webs all over.  Two yards should do it for a big lap size, maybe enough left for binding.
 That canvas vine fabric underneath will cover my ironing board. Maybe can finish cover tonight if the elastic doesn't hide from me.

Last Thursday Gypsy went to her final big vet visit for ear cleaning.  They had to sedate her to pull hair and gunk, she still looks sleepy.  I was finally clear to give her a good bath, the tummy stitches are all removed and healing is finished.
We've had cold weather with snow and high wind.  Gypsy warmly snuggled in my old heavy bath robe. She eventually crumpled into a poodle ball and slept for a great while. Later on Gypsy was wide awake and turned into her same bouncy self.
Oh well, I must go finish chores. Today is poodle laundry day- beds and sofa covers.  If it warms up enough I must clean horse stalls. Ugh, that's a big chore.  LOL


  1. Oh, yippee yay! Your new sewing space if looking great. What fun you will have!

  2. The room looks great, I can't wait to see it filled with your sewing supplies.

  3. Gypsy looks like she was at the spa, and is wearing her lovely spa wrap, lol!

    Your sewing room is so bright and cheerful and sunny - it's making my basement crafting room feel awfully dungeony! It does have the advantage of being big, but other than that - it's just plain UGLEEEEE. BLECH!