Sunday, November 20, 2011

FNS Report

Finished the last four churn dash blocks as my FNS project. (I won't share the repair sewing job on a mattress pad that needed lots of fixing). LOLLooks like more fall fabrics snuck into the pile.

Thought I had sewn the last block but decided to make number 50. I want one extra block for the back as a siggy block. The Viking is always set up and I used it for that last block.The top will be square with 7 rows across and 7 down.

Here is my very last finished churn dash block for this project.
Now, I'm kinda sad to tuck the blocks away but have other projects that need finishing up by end of Dec.

The old Rocketeer 500 is shelved for a while. It gave me a good workout reaching to the presser foot lever and hand wheel for needle up/down.I best enjoy sewing on my older computerised Viking. It doesn't have a presser foot lever, (that's a toe tap) and I very much like the needle up/down auto option (a toe tap or preset button).
Now, I'm gonna go check out what other's did for their Friday Night Sewing.


  1. I must confess...that Rocketeer is hard to beat for sheer Kapow viewing power! Reminds me of my childhood visit to early Disneyland where even motels had that look about them. I sew on a Viking and it took me forever to give up searching for my non existent my pressure foot lever but now..tap, tap, tap..I am just fine because you are so right..the needle up/needle down setting is so great! Love your quilting fun!!!

  2. Will have to show my friend your site, she LOVES rocketeers and has been coveting one for some time. Your blocks look fabulous! Can't wait for that quilt :)
    Have a wonderful and safe holiday!
    Hugs, Mickie

  3. Love those blocks, and congrats on finishing all of them. I'll look forward to seeing the completed quilt sometime in the future. I have an old Brother machine, my first - from the early seventies. But after getting spoiled with my little Janome it's hard to make myself sew on it now.

  4. Love your churn dash blocks! I scrolled to veiw them all they will make a wonderful quilt. Also love that Rocketeer machine!
    If I lived closer I would take that Microdog, I am sure with time he will come about...but he is cute. Love your poodie`s s well thanks for your visit will see you again in the near future.

  5. Your blocks look great! You will have a fabulous quilt when done.

  6. i love your post! thanks for sharing... God bless you...