Saturday, March 12, 2011

One more row to sew on this third stick/stone top. Ended up sewing 15 more blocks to get the size to fit a 54x75 flannel back. This will have borders next time I show it.
The girls are enjoying a clean coop and freshened nests.
Hens resting in sunshine. Today is breezy and in mid 70's.

Roosters being roosters. Elvis silky roo is boss. The two dutch boys spar every day.

They don't hurt each other.

Appears the one who gets tired first gives up. This morning I caught the white dutch roo and put him out back with bachelors. He was vexing the hens while they were on nests, that's a big no-no.
Not able to sew or cut fabrics for a few days now, broke my little toe and have to sit with foot elevated. No more bare feet, I'm too clumsy. Very painful "accident".

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