Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh My- Found More Blocks

This will be my third bricks/stones quilt from swapped blocks. Thought I had used them all up but found another baggie full stashed in living room hassock. (It usually holds a stack of quilt magazines). I see two blocks that were sewn wrong, the left side should have stones part on top. Lots of pinks, purples and lavender in this bunch.

Thankful Thursday item: The ATV
Many uses, last night as a hay hauler. Hay is stored in barn out back. Now that it's warmer weather our geldings stay in front field at night.
Saves having to go up to barn for hay twice a day. I save my hips for housework and other walking chores (bursitis flare). Could barely get by without that ATV.

1 comment:

  1. Great quilt blocks, what a fun swap! That is wonderful that you got three quilts from that swap! With spring, your work load really increases doesn't it? Well have a good day and i am thankful for you and your inspiring blog :)