Friday, March 18, 2011

FNS Tonight

Almost forgot to sign up again!
But tonight I'm finishing the baby quilt, binding and quilting borders. I will share the finished quilt on Saturday.
Wanted to share a better photo of Big Guy. His black feathers shimmer a beautiful green.His tail is a little sparse from bantams beating him up.
Fun sky tonight, love a full moon.
Kinda Halloweenish.


  1. Your baby quilt looks lovely.... Mr Big Guy is rather splendid and I just love that last picture with the silhoutte branches and the moon... lovely

  2. You should make a quilt out of that last pic, it is delightful! Your baby quilt is adorable. Big guy is one pretty boy, isn't he ? :D

  3. Your quilts are lovely. And I really like that photo of the moon.
    Thank you for visiting our blog at MGCC.

  4. I forgot about the Friday night sew in, darn. I can't wait to see your quilt. Is your rooster a New Jersey Giant? He is wonderful. The banny's beat him up? What a sweet guy. If my banny's were big hens they would be such a mean group of girls. They have such attitudes. We have clouds so I only got to see the moon rising. I hope I get to see it tonight.