Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pink SideWinder

The question was- does it wind the green Viking bobbins?
Answer: Yes!
The pink SideWinder does work with green Viking bobbins. Yes, you just turn the bobbin upside down (V emblem down) and it fills in the correct direction. The bobbin was a tad hard to pop off the spindle but it does come off :) That bobbin wound so fast I barely saw it happen. To make it stop mid-wind just push away the little bar that presses against thread in bobbin. If not full enough you can push green button, hold down and it will keep winding. It tended to fill the bobbin center so I gently pushed the winding thread towards top and bottom part of bobbin to get really full. (Using the bobbins to quilt a sandwich so wanted them super full).
So glad I made this purchase. I'm not much into gadgets but this SideWinder is more than a gadget, very useful!

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  1. WOW it does? This is good news! I thought those winders wouldn't work with my Husqvarna Viking bobbins. I'll be trying this out; thanks!