Sunday, December 12, 2010

FNSI Project

Finally able to post photos of my FNSI project. I sewed another one last night, want one to keep for me :)
Sewing the purse strap. I cut the blue print fabric 2 inches wide and the red backing fabric 3.5 inches wide. After sewing the layers and turning, the red comes to top and makes a nice contrast.

Purse strap is lined with a strip of warm and natural.

Hat purse has a small lined pocket inside.

The hat will be stuffed full of chocolate covered pretzles and a few other goodies. It goes to the luncheon auction next week.

If no one likes it then I'll bid and bring it home!


  1. It's ADORABLE!!! The strap is really clever. I love it, can't imagine anyone not wanting it who loves Christmas. Well done!

  2. That's really cute.... I love the way you did the strap...

  3. Well, isn't that the cutest THING EVER!!! I love what you did with strap...I'm a slow learner, LOL, do you think you could post a strap tutorial? :D