Monday, October 4, 2010

Rain & Those Duh Moments

Cannot beleive I forgot about stitching down the applique before sandwiching. At least I caught the mistake before basting.
Decided to use my little WallyWorld Brother to applique. It has a better blanket stitch than my big Viking.
Didn't clean before putting away. This one has been stored for a few years, living in a zippered case on feet.
The little machine does a nice blanket stitch. My guiding the stitch is not perfect but have to start practice somewhere. The foot doesn't give much space to see where the needle is going to land. Have to rummage around and find a clear plastic foot with wider opening.Some progress.
Maybe finish today- then ready to sandwich :)

Thankfully it has been raining all Sunday and all last night. Still cloudy this morning so maybe a good day to pull some weeds.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your posts and looking at the lovely quilts and photos. I'll be back.