Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Old Dodger

Dodger is a 13yr old Standard Poodle that came to us last year from rescue. His owners had lost jobs, home and cars. They were living with friends and had to give Dodger up. He needed his teeth cleaned and had an eyelid tumor that needed removing. Rescue took Dodger in and sent him down to us. He will stay here for his last days.
Dodger is playfull for his age. He runs with his toys and wants us to chase. More often than not his back end goes out or he stumbles and down he goes. But, he's right back up and running. Wonky wants the ball. Wonky always wants what the others have.

Chooks are free ranging every day now, they scratch out little dust bath holes under mesquites. So far they don't like any wild flowers that are popping up but they devour spring grass. Dottie is missing from the photo. She was at neighbors to hatch eggs but became "unbroody" and that was it. No hatching.

On a last note, spring is here and the trees are really growing fast. This pine started out as a sixteen inch decorated Christmas Tree from Home Depot. After four years in the ground it is 20ft tall, wonder how tall it will get?

Sorry, nothing quilty to report. I'm still getting over a virus that turned into bronchitis. Have just been doing necessary things to get by.


  1. Just had to stop by when I eyed the small photo on a side bar of Dodger........January 4th I had to let my black standard Luke, cross the bridge at 13 years old. His previous owners must really be heart broken.......I would! ((HUGGS)) to Dodger{}^Y^{} Holly & ICE