Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quilt Show in Tombstone

Glad we went, it was warm and sunny, a nice 20 min drive. Some of the ladies were commenting on the crowd in Tombstone that day.

The building is not large, there were two isles of hanging quilts, plus a small room. Cannot say how many quilts, didn't count them. It was a nice show I will visit every year.

I was a bit surprised that some of the quilts had been shown before, I remembered a few from the Sierra Vista show. Overall it was a good little show and I spent a little money on hand made items. Many quilts were hand quilted.
The window display was very cozy!
Click on photos to enlarge.
Yikes! Thats me sitting in front of the arts building.

On another quilty note: I did join the Postage Stamp Quilt-along. More on that later.


  1. Sue,
    How did I miss you having a blog. So glad I noticed it in your signature on about. I've subscribed you to my reader already now.

  2. Well Colene, at first I wasn't going to really tell anyone I had a blog. It is hard to keep up with and get photos down loaded. I am slow learning how to manage it too! Now I'm figuring out the reader. Wow, you don't have to check blogs every day, they pop up in the reader when something new is added. I decided making the blog more like a journal for me would be easiest, (true life)? It could get boring! Thank you for commenting and hey I need to get a photo of the quilt you finished for me! It's my all time snuggly fav!