Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MouseMan aka Babalou

My little mini-poo dog is sick. He stopped eating Sunday and Monday he just wanted to lay around. Mouse is usually very peppy and keeps up with the standard poos all day long. I made a vet visit and after tests we found it is a kidney problem. Vet said something assulted Mouse's kidneys but we could not come up with what it was. Hopefully this will pass and he will be ok. Mouse was given sub-q fluids and we came home with cans of special kidney diet food. Now I go back Thursday to learn how to administer the fluids cuz Mouse needs them twice a week for a month then another blood test. I feel a bit queezy about sticking my own pet (will he hate me?)but vet office is a long treck into town plus it will save some $$$.
Snow alert today and I have a dentist appt, and drop truck at repair shop. Hope weather man is wrong about snow!

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