Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Egg

Found a tiny egg last week, the first from one of the Wyandottes (she was the last to start laying). The egg is sitting on a ring, next to a cherry tomato so you can see the size (how tiny!).
Now all six of the hens are laying, some days we get six eggs and every once in a while just five.

Winter storm moved in, right now we have wind gusts up to 60 mph. I thought something was up when I saw the roof of back coop flying up and down. The coop is built like a dog house, roof lifts off to reach in for eggs. I went out to fill feed and water then lifted roof to put in more wood chips. Uh-oh, there was an egg on the floor! These three hens had not started to lay yet, what a day to find the first egg (and no egg nest yet). I put a round 15 inch heavy rubber feed tub in the coop for a nest, filled with wood chips. I hope they don't tip it over, chickens like to jump on the edges of things that are not at ground level. If it tips then I have to put some heavy rocks on the bottom for now).

Geez, I'm not too eager to go back out. The porch screen door slammed my head and my ear was a bit deaf for a while. Hearing is coming back along with a bad headache. Just have to go out at dusk to feed horses, thank goodness I kept them up this morning. Both are tucked under the stall roof, out of wind and rain.

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